The Old Stone Fort

"The U rban Legend around campus is that you don't go into the Old Stone Fort before you graduate," said Rebecca Defino, SFA student.  "Because if you do... you will not graduate from Stephen f. Austin. I haven't ever been through there, because of the so-called SFA tradition.
There are students who believe... and this has been going on for quite awhile. Students who believe if they come to the Stone Fort Museum that they won't graduate. Oh, I'm a very supersticious person. So I have not been in the old stone fort... I will when iI graduate."
Defino said she probably wouldn't because go into the fort because she is supposed to graduate in december and she don't want to mess up anything.
"Consequently, on graduation day we have an Influx of students who have just graduated stop by just to make that trek through that they couldn't before... That they believe that they couldn't while they were students," said Carolyn Spears, Curator of the Stone Fort Museum..
But is this U rban Legend true?
"Well, I went as a student and I was still able to graduate, so I'm not sure if that legend really holds much merit," said one student.
"The origin of the myth for students that they can't walk through the building is unknown.," said Spears. "I have no one to attribute it to... no background, no history. It's as far as I'm concerned a sentence. I wish it had a history. It's really got no story at all behind it."
Some students said they don't know if the legend is true but they don't want to tempt anything. Better safe than sorry.
"I think it's perfectly fine to come into the museum," said a student.  "And if you were inclined to believe a myth like that, then I believe you are probably inclined to not graduate."
Another students said, "Go with your gut instinct. But it didn't happen to me, and I graduated, and here I am."
You heard it here, the stone fort U rban Legend has been revealed. And it turns out, it's not true.
But if you don't believe me, then your best bet is to stay away from the Stone Fort.