Mets And AC Baseball Join Forces

By Nick James - bio | email

LUFKIN- (KTRE) –A day of fun in the sun for some 75 baseball players today at Angelina College for a baseball tryout with the New York Mets organization.  East Texans ranging from the high school ranks to college seniors.  All tried their hand in various drills that were thrown at them.  Hoping for a shot to shine on the big stage and continue to do what they love to play professionally.

Former SFA shortstop and Hudson native Tanner Hines was in appearance and dazzled the scout with his sure hands and steady glove.  Hines was not drafted in the Major League Baseball Draft last week, and is playing with a chip on his shoulder to make it.

"I felt like I did all I can and I didn't get picked up and you are always told to work as hard as you can and everything will work out and it didn't.  So I'm out here working harder and trying to get better and show these guys that I can play at the next level," Hines said.

"Just hoping to get exposed more you know and hopefully set something up if not today maybe in the future put my name out there that's what I'm hoping to accomplish today," Rick Hepworth former Angelina College first baseman/pitcher said.

AC assistant baseball coach Richard Martinez a former player, says the kids are a ball of nerves and that definitely doesn't help when you're trying to get something accomplished.

"The whole time your thinking alright I have to do my best and the best way you can do that is to go out there control your emotions, the best as possible but it can be overwhelming but it's a good feeling at the end of the day knowing that you did your best and whatever happens happens," Martinez said.

Nobody was drafted or signed, but several players were asked to return for a closer look to play in the New York Mets organization.  The Houston Astros will be in Lufkin having a evaluation camp in July.  The date and time have yet to be determined.

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