East Texan honored with Lone Star Land Steward Award

Bubba Henderson with his daughter, Honey Rothermel
Bubba Henderson with his daughter, Honey Rothermel

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- Since the 1860's Bubba Henderson's family timber business has been dedicated to wildlife conservation.

Now, he's being honored with the Lone Star Land Steward Award for his work in managing the Ewing Mound.

His daughter, Honey Rothermel spent her childhood wandering through these East Texas pines.

"We'd come out at Thanksgiving, we'd come for Christmas, we'd be here in the summer, we'd be fishing, we'd be swimming," said Rothermel.

"I'd show them all the different trees and try to teach them the different species and all about timber," said Henderson.

A passion for the outdoors turned into a family business, and a process of learning how to manage the Ewing Mound property.

"My grand dad from my whole life took care of it and now my son's grandfather is taking care of it and I hope that someday I will have the ability to take care of it for my grand children and it will be something that'll be a legacy that we can continue to pass down through the generations," said Rothermel.

It's one reason why Henderson takes so much pride in taking care of his property.

"We try to do as much conservation as we can.  We try to get quails started back on the property, and we're trying to get turkeys started and of course we always try to keep the deer population as well as we can."

All while keeping up with vegetation and supervising timber work.

"I like to do it and enjoy doing it," said Henderson.

He's passing his father's teachings down to his daughter.

"It really does mean a lot to me that they'll be able to carry this on and I really hope they'll never decide to get rid of it. I hope they are able to keep it for their grandkids and the grandkids' grandkids from now on."

Henderson works on his property seven days a week, rain or shine, and plans to pass down his knowledge to his three daughters, and grandson.

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