Lufkin travel agent offers tips on mixing business with pleasure

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Got a big business trip coming up? Don't leave the family behind! Pack up the kids, the pets, the sunscreen and leave East Texas behind.

"With any major city there are definite options as far as major parks and fine dining and theaters and museums," said Emily Hopkins, a travel consultant with Holiday Travel.

All it takes is some outside the box thinking. If your boss needs you to attend meetings in Las Vegas or a conference in Mexico, you can create a family vacation anywhere.

"Do some research," Hopkins said.

Once you've made the decision to mix business with pleasure this summer. Pop over to your local travel agent for ideas on how to make your business trip the perfect family vacation.

Emily Hopkins from Holiday Travel had some important advice to get started.

"Get some brochures or get some materials from the convention bureau or visitors bureau at that location," Hopkins said.

The next step: gearing the hotel more toward family. So while one of you is doing the work thing, the other has a place to take the kids.

"Pools," Hopkins said. "Everybody will have a pool if it's a family-friendly property."

Location is everything.

"Being located near some family-friendly activities, such as in Destin, some hotels are adjacent to water parks," Hopkins said.

If you don't have kids or just think it's time to make your business trip a romantic getaway. Your hotel location should lean more toward what you can do together after the work day is done.

"For couples and singles there's always the allure of the nightlife," Hopkins said.

So get creative and turn your boring business trip into a fun family -- or couple -- vacation.

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