Huntington woman takes family feud to city hall

Chelsy McCoy a West Pine resident
Chelsy McCoy a West Pine resident
Samantha James, a West Maulberry resident.
Samantha James, a West Maulberry resident.
Mike Ebarb
Mike Ebarb

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - By Whitney Grunder - email

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - A real-life family feud that's looking for resolution. A packed city council meeting in Huntington let residents face off with one of the council's own.

A group of Pine West residents claim council member Mike Ebarb is abusing his power.

"We're being deprived of our rights and privacy to do as we please on our property," said Chelsy McCoy, a West Pine resident.

McCoy and others say Ebarb's family are threatening and harassing them.

"He does not own this road. His in-laws don't own the road," said McCoy.

"Children can't walk around the block because you know the lady threatens them," said Samantha James, aWest Maulberry resident.

The tension came to a head this month when the McCoys threw an outdoor party for their children.

"I was there that day. Police showed up constantly for nothing. The kids were trying to have a good time at a birthday party," said a guest at the party.

Ebarb says he only made one phone call that night about loud music. He says he's never complained before the party.

"Just keep the noise down and we can stay on our sides of the street. There will be no problem," said Mike Ebarb.

"There was just some misunderstanding, confusion between all parties," said Huntington Police Chief Steven Sifford.

Ebarb says it's a strictly a matter of respecting the peace.

"Any unnecessary noise that's made that disrupts or disturbs the comforts of your neighborhood is a violation of the city ordinance," said Ebarb.

Neighbors say they haven't called police about any of the alleged threats against them -- not wanting to bother anyone.

"That's what we're here for. If someone's disturbing them, or they see something suspicious or someone you know, especially shooting a weapon or a gun, this could end someone's life, call us immediately," said Sifford.

Not much resolution after the meeting. The city council felt the fight has no business in their forum.

Ebarb and his family claim they have not harassed their neighbors in anyway.

Neighbors say they'll start calling the police if they feel threatened.

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