Lufkin Police months-long drug investigation nets 2 arrests

Michael Johnson mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
Michael Johnson mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
James Lewis mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.
James Lewis mug shot courtesy of Angelina County Jail.

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It took a months-long investigation and a "no-knock" warrant with 13 tactical officers involved, but it ended with the arrests of two Lufkin men.

According to Det. J.B. Smith, police requested the warrant due to the suspect's previous record, which included a murder arrest and conviction for assault and because there were several cameras around the home on the 2100 block of Nile Street. Smith said police were concerned the suspect would attempt to destroy evidence.

Police arrested Michael Roy Johnson, 39, on three outstanding drug-related warrants and James Oneal Lewis, 53, on five outstanding traffic warrants. Smith said investigators do not believe Lewis is involved with the drug activity.

Police are also charging Johnson with an additional count of possession of a controlled substance after Smith said they discovered an undetermined amount of crack cocaine and drug paraphernelia at the residence during the raid around 7 a.m.

"There was an issue with security cameras outside the residence that would have lead anyone inside the residence to see the approach of the officers and given them an opportunity to destroy the evidence," Smith said.

Kids are playing football at summer camp. Just one street over, police just finished the 13-officer raid.

"Officers working with confidential informants to make undercover buys out of that location from that Johnson individual," Smith said.

"At least three buys were made," Smith said. "Warrants were issued for those three delivery charges, state jail felony charges."

"It will make an impact now for everybody that sees this arrest has been made because they don't know which other investigations are on-going and whether they're going to be next or not," Smith said.

Police were able to find that evidence and Kingdom Harvest Ministries Camp Director April Houston is thankful.

"The faster we get them off the streets, the better our lives will be, the easier for our kids can have peace of mind and come outside and play," Houston said.

Smith says months of investigating has paid off and could lead to more arrests.

"If you feel like you're getting away with it today, you're not going to get away with it forever," Smith said.

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