6/27 Lufkin Police report

ASSAULT 900 BLK. S. JOHN REDDITT A woman reported an unknown female approached her while she was sitting in her vehicle.  The unknown female then grabbed the woman's hair in an attempt to pull her from her vehicle.  Once the victim left, the unknown female drove along side her and a male struck her vehicle with a baseball bat several times.

ASSAULT 800 BLK. KELTYS A woman reported being struck in the wrist with a cain by another female.

THEFT 800 BLK. KELTYS A woman reported someone stole her cell phone after she had dropped it during a disturbance.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 200 BLK. RHODES A woman reported having a laptop computer, Nintendo WII game system with a fit mat, and an Apple iPod stolen from her residence.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF A MOTOR VEHICLE 4200 BLK. S. FIRST A man reported a 1988 tan in color Ford Bronco stolen from his residence.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1300 BLK. VOYL A woman advised someone hit her vehicle with an unknown object, leaving a dent.

BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 400 BLK. PACKER A man reported his father-in-law's residence was burglarized.  The power meter was missing along with several firearms.

BURGLARY OF A MOTOR VEHICLE 3000 BLK. DANIEL MCCALL A woman reported someone broke into her vehicle.  Two wallets, two credit cards, and cash were reported missing.

THEFT 1100 BLK. TIMBERLAND A man reported dropping his wallet at a restaurant,  The wallet was turned in but the man noticed there was cash missing from the wallet.

THEFT 2500 BLK. DANIEL MCCALL A woman reported her cell phone being stolen.

DEBIT CARD ABUSE 100 BLK. COPPERWOOD A man reported his wallet was lost or stolen and since that time, someone tried to make purchases on some of his debit cards.

THEFT 2000 BLK. DENVER A woman reported her son's bicycle was stolen.  One matching the description was located in the area with several parts missing.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1700 BLK. LOBLOLLY A man reported someone egged his vehicle and stole two wheel covers.

ASSAULT 500 BLK. S. JOHN REDDITT A woman reported a male on a bicycle rode into her car door.  The male then approached the female and grabbed her by the arm in an apparent attempt to pull her from her vehicle.  No injuries were reported.