East Texas Peace Officers convention shows off Bond-like tools

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Each tool a peace officer uses, from a flashlight to a firearm, is designed to keep them and the people around them safe.

Members of the East Texas Peace Officers Association are now checking out the latest innovations at its annual convention in Center.

In between classes you'll find officers in a room. It's sort of like a law enforcement toy store except no one plays around with this stuff.

"They got everything here from lights on top of the patrol car to home safety systems to firearms to tasers you can carry on the street with you or in the jail," said Corporal Mitchell Bozeman.

This company rep is marketing digital recorders used in stuffy interrogation rooms and courtrooms. Too bad she didn't bring the cool covert cameras.

"That's James Bond-ish. You know, it's spies and secret and all of that good stuff," said Digital Recorder Representative Linda Edmundson.

No shirt button cameras at this booth. Safety Vision markets patrol car cameras, complete with cup holders.

"Pretty much all the Texas departments use them. That's because they're required to have a racial profile report and so if they're not using video they have to fill out these reports which are pretty timely," said Safety Vision Representative Sean Slattery.

Vendors at a peace officers convention know exactly what their customers need, whether it's a bulletproof vest or green and white jail garb.

When a violent crime scene is cleared departments can call in "Aftermath." Its reps clean up all the gore. It's one of those "someone's got to do it jobs."

"We serve a serious purpose," said Erin Cassady with Aftermath INC.

From beginning to end, officers are offered a variety of tools helping them take aim at fighting crime.

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