British soccer camp hits Nacogdoches

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES- (KTRE) –Soccer is gaining more popularity by the minute.  It also doesn't hurt that East Texan Clint Dempsey is on Team USA soccer field as a starter that doesn't hurt either.  On Tuesday over 100 kids jumped on the pitch for the British soccer challenger camp in Nacogdocohes.

No worries of bad calls just soaking up the rays and the knowledge from some British ball strikers who instruct the camp and make it fun for the kids to learn and exercise all at the same time.

"To stop picking the soccer ball up and use their feet as much as they can to develop skills in shooting and passing techniques," challenger instructor David Quigg said.

For some they enjoy playing soccer with the incentive of getting into some trouble of course on the pitch nowhere else.

"We been learning lots of new skills and been playing lots of games my favorite is a car game and you get in jail if you don't follow directions you can green light is go fast and freeway is do whatever," Jordan Vardeman soccer player said.

Could their possibly be the next world cup extraordinaire in the camp, not sure but the kids know their soccer that's for sure.

He played on these fields when he was younger and my name is Hannah Spake and I'm having a great time playing here it's just a lot to learn about and it's fun to listen to the British people talk," Spake soccer camper said.

It was really cool to watch this world cup and watch him score a goal against England so I never let these guys forget about it," Scott Manis soccer player said.

Kids remember everything it's just the way that you apply it to them is the key.

Great to see the smiles the happiness when they go home and come back the next day with the tasks we give them its great it's a really good feeling just knowing your actually giving something back and they are taking it in like you said like sponges," Jamie Williams challenger instructor said.

This year alone the British soccer camp will mentor over 150,000 kids in over two thousand camps.

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