Tiger Woods' divorce from wife, Elin, would be one of biggest settlements ever

UNDATED - Tiger Woods has taken his golf game to the AT&T National outside Philadelphia, but a big chunk of his wallet might be headed elsewhere. It looks like Tiger Woods and wife, Elin, are close to officially calling it quits.  The split could include one of the world's biggest divorce settlements.

No one knows for sure, but speculation is Elin Woods would get a $700 million deal.  What does Tiger get in return?  According to People Magazine:  Total silence from Elin, no book deal, no talking to the media, custody of the two kids (Sam and Charlie), spending much of the year in Sweden in her newly purchased two million dollar island estate.

Tiger gets ample visitation under certain conditions.  He can only introduce a woman to his children if he is going to marry that woman.

Some suggest the 700 million dollar figure might be inflated.  Forbes Magazine estimates Woods net worth to be just 600 million.  But if it's anywhere close, it would still rank as one of the biggest divorce settlements ever.

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