7/3/10 Nacogdoches Police report

3100 North Forgery  Complainant states that he gave a check for 200 dollars to a known subject.  This subject changed the check to 1200 dollars and cashed it.

3200 South Criminal Mischief  Complainant states that she stopped to get gas and got into an argument with her boyfriend.  Her boyfriend threw a trash can at her car damaging it.  She then attempted to pull out of the gas station and her boyfriend grabbed her passengers window which was partially down and shattered it.

2800 Pearl Burglary of Motor Vehicle  Complainant left her car unlocked and unknown subject took her purse.  Her debit card was used twice before she was able to cancel it.

2800 Pearl Assault Family Violence  Boyfriend and Girlfriend got into a physical fight and were separated for the night.  No injuries were observed.

3100 North Hit and Run  A subject backing up was struck by a trailer being pulled by a truck.  The truck left the scene and it is unknown if they even knew they hit the car.

900 NW Stallings Criminal Mischief  Bank contacted a subject and told them to return their vehicle due to them missing several payments.  The vehicle was found in the parking lot with the engine running, several deep scratches in it and several dents to the door and roof.

200 E Main Credit Card Abuse  Complainant contacted officer and stated someone used his credit card to make an electric payment online.

1700 North Theft  Complainant gave two subjects he did not know a ride from WalMart to McDonalds.  After he dropped them off he noticed that his money order was missing.

2400 North Theft  Complainant advised he contacted two subjects when he heard them open a movie and kicked them out of the store.  Later he noticed that several other movies were missing.  Complainant did know the identity of one of the subjects.

3200 NE Stallings  Possession of a Controlled Substance  Officer made a traffic stop and observed an object being tossed out of the vehicle.  The object was found to be a pipe used to smoke illegal narcotics.  Officer then located a small bag of the narcotics in the vehicle.  The driver and passenger were arrested.

200 S Church  Burglary of a Habitation Complainant stated her ex-boyfriend came to the door upset and forced his way inside of her apartment.  He then started yelling at her wanting to know who else was inside the apartment and punched her in the face several times and left before the police arrived.

3000 Pearl Possession of a Controlled Substance  Officer stopped a vehicle for a traffic violation and found that the driver had several traffic warrants and arrested him.  Officers then found a drug pipe in the vehicle and then found drugs underneath the seat.

4800 NW Stallings  Driving While Intoxicated  Officer responded to a single vehicle accident where the vehicle drove off of the road and crashed into a ditch.  Officer contacted the driver and found him to be intoxicated and arrested him.  The passenger was also found to be intoxicated and he was arrested also.

2400 NE Stallings Burglary of a Building  Officers responded to an alarm at the store and found that it had been broken into.  The ATM was forced open and several items were missing from the store.