Polk County cracking down on domestic violence

Lee Hon
Lee Hon
Jerry Hunter
Jerry Hunter

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LIVINGSTON, TX (KTRE) - He's got a badge, but Jerry Hunter isn't part of typical street beat law enforcement. He's Polk County's answer to stopping family and domestic violence.

"I'm old school," Hunter said. "If you beat on a woman, you go to jail."

The new investigator position works through the district attorney's office. Hunter will gather the evidence and interviews needed for only these cases. D.A. Lee Hon has high hopes.

"Seeking cooperation from the victim as long as we can get the victim to stay on board and share information with us in a credible way," Hon said.

Domestic violence cases require a lot of attention. Hunter will relieve the burden from other law enforcement. He'll make personal contact with all domestic violence victims within two days.

"Try to show them they need to get this handled because it could lead to them being seriously hurt if they don't get it straightened out," Hunter said.

The new investigator will have the victims of these types of cases come to the courthouse for a taped interview.

Hunter believes recording the victim's emotions from the incident is vital in pushing the case forward.

"Her feelings on what she thinks is going to happen or what she wants to happen," Hunter said.

These interviews, Hon believes, will provide better evidence in adult court.

For cases involving kids, Hon can now count on Children's Haven. Executive director Nikki foster.

"We see children 2 to 17 once they make an outcry they've been sexually or physically abused we get them to do a forensic interview," said Nikki Foster, the executive director of Children's Haven.

Moving forward, Hon has a strong team supporting his mission for the county: cracking down on domestic violence.

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