Actress Lindsay Lohan sentenced to 90 days in jail

BEVERLY HILLS, CA. -  Actress Lindsay Lohan has been sentenced to 90 days in jail by a judge in Beverly Hills because Lohan has been missing alcohol education classes.  That was a term of her probation from a 2007 drug case.  The 24-year old will have to report July 20 to begin serving the sentence.

It was an emotional day in court for the young actress.  Lohan made an emotional plea for mercy.  "It wasn't some sort of joke.  I respect you and I take it seriously," she said, hoping to convince the judge of her sincerity in trying to clean up her life.  "It's my life and my entire career.  I've worked so hard for my entire life."

But Judge Marsha Revel didn't buy it.  "Thirty days in jail on reckless driving.  Thirty days in jail on the first DUI case, and 30 days for the second case." Ninety days behind bars for violating her terms of probation.

As the judge pronounced sentence, Lohan burst into tears.  Observers said this is not something off of a script.  You could really feel the rawness there.

It is a staggering fall from grace for an actress who became a star at age 12 when she starred in a remake of "The Parent Trap."  Her image has changed a lot since then.  She's still talented and beautiful, but she's a party girl.

In two weeks time she will have to report to the same jail where Paris Hilton recently did time.

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