Historic Sabine County home burns

Donna Alexander- Sabine County Historical Foundation
Donna Alexander- Sabine County Historical Foundation
Photo courtesy of ToledoChronicle.com
Photo courtesy of ToledoChronicle.com

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - By Whitney Grunder - bio

HEMPHILL, TX (KTRE) - A historic monument of Sabine County burned to the ground in less than 30 minutes Saturday afternoon, according to The Toledo Chronicle.

The State Fire Marshal's Office is investigating the cause of the fire, the article stated.

Secretary and treasurer for the Sabine County Historical Foundation, Donna Alexander watched years of hard work go up in smoke.

"It's hard to come up here," said Alexander. "A piece of history that you can't get back is gone now."

Alexander waits for answers from state officials on just what sparked the blaze. She's confident it was not an electrical fire.

"There is no electricity in the house to cause the fire," said Alexander.

She says the electricity box was located outside the home and was hardly ever used with the exception of Civil War re-enactments and other special events.

"We would actually have soldiers come up from the park and others to defend the house."

It took the Sabine County Historical Foundation years to restore the elegant Greek architecture style home.

"We raised $150,000 to be able to move the house and purchase the land and the foundation to put it on," said Alexander.

There were still big plans and dreams for the future that will never be realized.

"It would be a place to have like, a teaching garden with the gardens in it and also to be able to take people through the house and to refurbish it the way it was with furniture from the turn of the century," explained Alexander.

The home revealed unique Hemphill history.

"The Pratts were some of the people that helped build Hemphill- they were a very important family."

Past memories, and future possibilities are now buried underneath the still smoldering rubble.

Alexander says the Historical Foundation will have to wait until the investigation is over, to decide what will be done with the property.

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