Good Morning East Texas Headlines 07-08-10 - | Lufkin and Nacogdoches, Texas

Good Morning East Texas Headlines 07-08-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: One of the state's ten "most wanted" registered sex offenders is from East Texas. We'll tell you where he was supposed to be…and what authorities are doing to find him.

It's another day of sweltering heat for parts of the northeast. We'll have details on how triple-digit temperatures there could affect the power grid around the country.

Residents and clean-up workers along the Gulf Coast are under the gun once again. We'll explain why a new storm could mean more delays in the battle against the BP oil spill.

And…he's an energetic 11-year-old boy who loves adventure and the outdoors. We'll meet Kyle in this morning's "Gift of Love" report.


Tropical moisture remains in place across East Texas thanks to yesterday's tropical low.  More moisture will move into East Texas around a developing tropical storm to our south.  This will set the stage for more showers and thundershowers to develop today.  Rainfall could be heavy again in a few places and because of that, a flash flood watch is in effect for all of East Texas.  High temperatures will be held down again today, mainly in the upper 80s.  I'll have a look at your weekend forecast plus, Bonnie could be forming I the Gulf.  Details on Good Morning East Texas.


Friday Night Light dangers

It was a major problem resulting in countless repairs at football stadiums in east Texas and across the country- faulty stadium light poles.

Stolen van sparks county-wide chase

A suspected car thief is now jailed after authorities say he lead them all over Gregg County. 


OSLO, Norway (AP) - Three suspected al-Qaida members are under arrest in Norway in what officials there and in the U.S. say was a bombing plot linked to similar plans in New York and England. The men had been under surveillance for more than a year. Officials believe they were planning attacks with portable bombs like the ones at the heart of last year's thwarted suicide attack on the New York City subway.

NEW YORK (AP) - Ten of 11 people accused of being Russian spies could soon be deported from the U.S. A lawyer for one of the defendants indicted Wednesday says the case might be settled when they appear for an arraignment today. The brother of a convicted spy in a Russian jail says a spy swap could be in the works.

NEW YORK (AP) - Four days of a heat wave could ease up along much of the Eastern Seaboard. The National Weather Service is forecasting temperatures of just the 80s and 90s today. The temperature hit 103 on Tuesday and 100 Wednesday.

LOUISIANA, Mo. (AP) - A man considered a person of interest in the kidnapping a 4-year-old girl in eastern Missouri is in critical condition after shooting himself as officers approached him at his home. The little girl was found alive wandering around a car wash 24 hours after being snatched.

LAREDO, Texas (AP) - Laredo officials are urging thousands of residents in low-lying areas to leave before the Rio Grande crests. That's expected to happen downtown late today. Predicted rains could mean more bad news because the swollen river and water releases from a reservoir upstream won't let the storm runoff system drain properly.

MIAMI (AP) - The National Hurricane Center has issued a tropical storm warning for the Texas coast south of Baffin Bay to the mouth of the Rio Grande. That's because the second tropical depression of the Atlantic hurricane season has formed over the western Gulf of Mexico.

GALVESTON, Texas (AP) - Biologists are collecting soil and water samples along the Texas Gulf Coast, including Galveston beaches where tar balls were found. The samples will give officials a baseline to determine the oil spill's effect on Texas if more tar balls and oil are found on the coastline.

PHOENIX (AP) - Arizona's governor has canceled a planned annual meeting of governors from 10 Mexican and U.S. border states, including Texas. Six governors from Mexican border states refused to attend because they object to Arizona's tough new immigration law.

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