Possible hate crime in small Sabine County community

Amber Gibson, area resident
Amber Gibson, area resident
Community members believe the incident took place in front of this home
Community members believe the incident took place in front of this home

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

BRONSON, TX (KTRE) – The FBI is now assisting the Sabine County Sheriff's investigation of an apparent cross burning.

Bronson residents say this isn't the first time this has happened in their community.

"People should have more respect for innocent people and innocent children," said area resident Amber Gibson.

With a population of less than 400, the Bronson community mostly keeps to itself, but some say it's not a place that welcomes everyone.

"There have been people hung here at the railroad tracks. It's very, very prejudice," said Gibson.

Some East Texans are sure that an apparent cross burning this week, was in-fact a hate crime. Many of the people we talked to didn't want to go on-camera. They said they were scared.

"If they're going to do it one place they could do it anywhere," said Linda Whitaker, a community resident.

The charred cross is said to have been found in one East Texas family's front yard, late Monday night.

Folks who've lived in the area for years say they know exactly why this happened. Gibson thinks it has everything to do with race.

"It's because she has a half-black baby," said Gibson. "It's because of stupidity I think."

The Sabine County Sheriff, Tom Maddox would not release any information on the pending investigation.

Residents say, they know what happened in their neighborhood and want someone to answer for the crime.

We are told, there are no named suspects at this time.

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