Spanish speaking motorist said he didn't understand, conviction overturned

UNDATED - The New Jersey Supreme Court ruled this week that police must explain the state's implied-consent law to motorists in a language that they understand.

The decision would have a wide effect in New Jersey, which has 1.75 million immigrants, about a quarter of whom do not speak English fluently or at all, according to Census statistics.  The state's attorney general strongly disagreed with the ruling.

The high court overturned German Marquez' conviction for refusal to take an alcohol breath test after rear-ending another car in 2007.  Marquez said he had not understood what police were reading to him because he only spoke Spanish and therefore did not understand the consequences.  He had taken his driver's license exam in Spanish.

Given Texas' ever-increasing immigration rate, could a similar decision for the Lone Star state be far behind?

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