Nacogdoches residents angry about new housing development

By Jena Johnson - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Residents at a Nacogdoches street are furious. They say trailer homes have barged into their historic-like neighborhood, decreasing property value and ruining the neighborhood's reputation.

"Take those trailers out of here!" said Dee Clarke, an angry resident.

Protest signs went up the minute new homes moved in Tuesday afternoon. Shane Allen and other longtime residents at Garner Street say their neighborhood is known for its historic look. They fear the new rent homes will erase decades of their hard work.

"I firmly believe my property value dropped 50 to 75 percent yesterday," said Allen.

"The property value goes down when you put that trash in here, and that makes me angry when you get in my pocket book," said Clarke.

Residents have made it clear they don't want a trailer park in their neighborhood, and despite what meets the eyes, the owner says it's not what it seems.

"I know what a trailer park looks like and that's not it," said Shannon Solly, property developer.

Solly confronted the angry neighbors Tuesday morning, answering questions about the new development. He's adamant the homes won't damage the look or reputation of the neighborhood.

"It definitely doesn't drop the property value," he said.

He took us on a tour through one of the homes. He says the view isn't pretty now, but will be pleasing to the eye when he's finished.

"It's going to be beautiful," said Solly. "I have paint schemes picked out and that's going to match what I've already done."

While he's asking for these residents' patience, homeowners aren't budging.

"They don't belong here! These are houses. They've been here for years," said Clarke.

The Nacogdoches City Manager Jim Jeffers says the homes are within city code. He says they're considered "industrialized homes".

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