Heat Advisories in effect for parts of East Texas

(KTRE)-East Texas:  A Heat Advisory has been issued for parts of East Texas through 7pm Thursday evening as extremely high heat levels could set in across the area.

The combination of temperatures and relative humidities will team up to give us heat indices, or feels like temperatures, well over 100° in the days ahead.

We will see afternoon highs in the upper 90's, with those feels like temperatures ranging from 105-110°.  Those high heat index values is the reason why the heat advisory has been issued for East Texas.

While no record highs will be in jeopardy, this heat can lead to heat stroke or heat exhaustion if you are exposed to the outdoors for several hours.

Our very own Chief Meteorologist Brad Hlozek has these tips for you and your family to stay safe and cool over the next few days.

1.)  Drink plenty of water and Gatorade, even if you are not planning on being outside for an extended period of time.

2.)  Limit your run or walk to the early morning or late evening hours when the heat is not quite as extreme.

3.)  Seek the air conditioning as much as possible, especially from 10am-5pm.  If you don't have air conditioning, go to a mall, movie theater, or somewhere that does have air conditioning.

4.)  Check on the kids and the elderly and make sure they are not being affected by the heat.  This includes making sure kids are not left in vehicles unattended.  Also, make sure the elderly have a cool place to stay.

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