Detectives investigate Mel Gibson's tirade which was allegedly caught on tape

LOS ANGELES (UNDATED) - A Los Angeles County sheriff's spokesman says detectives investigating Mel Gibson have received audio recordings from a court hearing the actor's child custody matter.

Sheriff's spokesman Steve Whitmore says detectives received the recordings Thursday morning after a court hearing. Several sheriff's detectives were spotted outside a closed hearing where Gibson's criminal attorney and attorneys for his ex-girlfriend appeared. All of the attorneys declined comment.

The sheriff's department is investigating whether the Academy Award-winner abused his ex-girlfriend, Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva, in January. Whitmore says the detectives received CDs, but did not know how many recordings were on them.

He says detectives will now work to authenticate the recordings for a possible criminal case.

The first recording was released on Sunday by Radar Online. The site has since posted a new excerpt every day. "Oksana feels that her life is in jeopardy, she feels that her only recourse was to record these rantings//the rantings of Mel Gibson suggest that he in fact tried to, or threatened to kill her twice," according to Dylan Howard, Sr. Executive Editor.

Another recording was released on Tuesday where a panting Mel Gibson is allegedly verbally abusing his ex-girlfriend and the mother of his baby and admits to striking his ex, knocking out her front teeth. State officials are investigating. The recordings are reportedly also laced with racists remarks by Gibson.

Grigorieva denies she released the tapes.

Forensic audio and video experts who worked on the Natalee Holloway and Jon Benet Ramsey cases examined the recordings for and said they've been tampered with. Experts believe a professional microphone was used to record the conversations. They were professional made for distribution and have been edited to possibly remove words or piece together phrases.

Gibson's lawyers claim to have hard evidence the tapes Oksana Grigorieva secretly recorded have been tampered with and edited.

Still no one has disputed the raging voice on the tape is that of actor/film director Mel Gibson.

At least five tapes have been leaked.

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