Trinity Tea Party members speak against racist allegations

James White
James White

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

TRINITY, TX (KTRE) – Some NAACP leaders are calling on tea party platforms to stop practicing so-called racist behaviors.

Leaders say some tea party members have used racially charged words, even pointing to a specific incident involving a Black congressman being spit on by tea party followers.

Thursday, The Trinity County Patriots held their own tea party meeting.

Conservative candidate James White stopped by the Trinity tea party meeting to show his support for what he believes tea parties really stand for.

"We're not going to tolerate associating with anyone here in East Texas with uncivil, bad behavior," said White in response to the racist allegations.

White believes as a whole, tea parties represent traditional American values.

"It's a pro-American organization that advocates fiscal responsibility with our government along with lowering taxes," said White.

Trinity tea party members hope to mobilize voters in the community by educating them.

"We want the people of Trinity County to be able to make up their own minds but to do it in an educated way," said Mickey Adkins.

Despite national claims, they say racist behaviors are not tolerated in their meetings.

"I've never seen it in our group and I have thorough confidence that somebody like that would not be invited, nor would they be encouraged to stay," said Adkins.

"We're all for equality and we always have been and all the noise about the racial inequality in this group is not founded at all," said Rich Chamberlin.

Some Conservatives and Democrats are here out of curiosity to find out what these tea party meetings are all about.

"Why not go and be exposed to their side of views," said Bill Coleman.

Members hope new comers will walk away with a clear understanding, of what they stand for.

"It's a matter of getting together and making sure that we do all that we do all that we can do, one person at a time to take back our country," said Chamberlin.

James White says he proudly supports tea party organizations like the Trinity County Patriots, and is a member of the Tyler County Patriot tea party group.

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