Authorities continue to investigate apparent Bronson cross burning

BRONSON, TX (KTRE) – The Sabine County Sheriff's Department continues to investigate an apparent cross burning that took place on July 5th, in Bronson, located in the western part of Sabine County.

The Toledo Chronicle has reported that the alleged hate crime took place at a home occupied at the time by a grandmother, granddaughter and 7-month old child.

According to their report, it's believed the incident took place because the child is of mixed race, and the mother had some friends over for a visit who happened to be African American.

The article states that Sheriff Tom Maddox says several suspects have been identified that may have been involved in the case, but no names have been released.

The report states that a reward will be offered for any information on the crime.

People with information can call 409-724-tips but do not have to give their names.

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