Democrat Accuses Bush of New McCarthyism

Washington-AP -- The top Democrat is accusing President Bush of unleashing a "new McCarthyism" by vilifying people who oppose his policies.

The head of the Democratic National Committee, Terry McAuliffe, says the president is shielding himself with the threat of terrorism as he attacks the patriotism of those who differ with him.

In a speech prepared for delivery to the Ohio Democratic Party, McAuliffe also focused on Bush's handling of the economy.

McAuliffe says Bush has squandered the federal budget surplus of the 1990's as he tries to help the rich with tax cuts. McAuliffe compares Bush's values to those of the wealthy men aboard the Titanic who are said to have pushed aside women and children on their way to the lifeboats.

A spokesman for the Republican National Committee says McAuliffe is mounting a partisan attack.

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