Huntington city leaders paint the town red

Huntington City Manager Bruce Milstead
Huntington City Manager Bruce Milstead
Doug Everett - Huntington Brookshire Bros. Store Director
Doug Everett - Huntington Brookshire Bros. Store Director

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Residents in Huntington say life just isn't the same. There's more talk about pride, and more being done to spread it.

"Falls right back into pride in a small town - take care of each other," said Doug Everett, Huntington Brookshire Bros. Store Director.

It's been a long process of changing mindsets to look at their community in a positive light. City leaders are making-good on a promise to clean-up the city.

"We're showing people we do care about the community," said Bruce Milstead, Huntington City Manager.

Their latest tactic: painting the town red, starting with new street signs. Eventually, all of the signs will be replaced.

"Different phases we will increase the signs. Right now we're doing it as money becomes available," said Milstead.

Others types will be placed around schools and parks and feature the school mascot: the little sparky devil.

"And our Do Not Litter signs say, 'Red Devil Pride - Do not litter'," Milstead.

Doug Everett runs the Huntington Brookshire Brothers located right in the heart of Main Street. He believed the new signs support local kids.

"It just brings up the next generation to take pride in where they live, where they work," said Everett.

City Manager Bruce Milstead says that two years of small changes have really added up. Now when residents walk or drive through the city, they can really see a difference.

Like these empty lots around the city. Just weeks ago, they were littered with dilapidated buildings and debris.

"Some of the landowners are working partners with us. And they have done it all on their own to help us," said Milstead.

By cleaning up Huntington together, the citizens's pride in the city and each other keeps growing.

Huntington also just received $800,000 in grants for new sidewalks.  They will connect the downtown district to the three different school campuses.

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