4 things that may save your life: staring down the barrel of a gun

By Ursula Madden - bio | email

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - Self-defense instructors will tell you never fight for your property, but if the attacker wants your life, fight back.

If someone pulled a gun on you, would you know what to do?  What if that gun was touching your forehead?  Or if you were forced to kneel down, execution style?  It may seem like a no win scenario, but Krav Maga instructor Patrick Terry says there are four steps you need to know, that can help you get out alive.

"It will not matter, where ever the gun is on me, this redirection is what will save you," Terry said.

The first step to staying alive is to redirect a gun away from you.  Next, move the gun to the attacker's body.  Then, try to get aggressive by striking the attacker.

"I want to shut down the command center that's behind that weapon," Terry said.

Now that you've redirected the gun, gotten control of the gun, and made an aggressive counter attack, it's time to take away the gun.   But, according to Terry, remember that once you decide to fight, you have to commit and follow through.

"Nothing else matters," he said. 'If I choose to attack this gun, what matters is this.  And it matters until I have this gun until the fight is over."

The same principles work if someone pulls a knife, or a long gun. Terry says you can't train every what-if scenario, but he says the principle guidelines can help you get out of potentially any deadly situation.

You can learn more about fending off attacks by viewing the videos on this page.

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