Inside East Texas: “Surviving the Storm”

"Surviving the Storm" is an in-depth look at severe weather in East Texas. From tornadoes to severe thunderstorms to flash floods, weather can be devastating. This edition of Inside East Texas provides you with safety rules to stay safe when bad weather threatens. It also takes a look at severe weather preparedness in the East Texas community.

During the 30-minute program, we will take a look at the different types of severe weather and remind you that we are in the heart of severe weather season. Our area experiences more severe weather during the Spring months than any other time of the year. Climate data shows us that more tornadoes and severe thunderstorms occur during March, April and May than any other month. However, it is important to point out that severe weather can occur during any time of the year.

Every year, cities and towns all across the United States are devastated by tornadoes, thunderstorms and flash floods. You've probably seen weather video on the news of the devastation caused by bad weather. We could very well experience similar scenes right here in East Texas.

Weather can cause a great deal of damage and can be deadly. Would you know what to do to protect yourself, your family and your property, whether at home, at school, at work or away?


Lee Ringer

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