Vandals break little girls’ heart, puncture backyard inflatable pool

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Lufkin Police are trying to fix the broken hearts of five little girls whose backyard inflatable swimming pool was vandalized early Monday morning.

Emily Dehoyos and her younger sisters watched as water trickled from their punctured swimming pool.

"Someone came and stabbed our pool," said Emily, 13.

A pesky crime that's deflated the Dehoyos sisters summer fun, leaving them heartbroken and bored.

"We would get in it a lot and have fun, but we can't no more," she said.

Barking dogs woke Emily's younger sister around 1 a.m. Monday morning. She spotted two shadows lurking around the pool, but it was too dark to get a clear picture of the culprits.

"She saw that two guys had came," said Emily. "She thought they were touching the water, but they were actually stabbing the pool."

It's not the family's first run-in with vandals, so this time the little girls' father took matters into his own hands and chased them down the block.

"They had robbed a bike from us and then the second time they tried to break into my dad's car and then this time," said Emily.

Detective J.B. Smith said criminal mischief spikes during summer. He said popping these little girls' pool is downright cold hearted.

"It's just a senseless act of vandalism," said Smith. "It serves no purpose, short of being punitive towards that family."

Police can't be everywhere, so he said being a good neighbor could curb crime.

"One of the neighbors might have seen someone walk through and recognize that they weren't supposed to be there and if you'll speak up and contact the police," said Smith.

For now, these little girls will have to find some other form of fun this summer.

"Why they do it? What did we do to them?" questioned Emily.

This criminal mischief occurred in the 700 block of McHale Street between the hours of 12:45 a.m. and 1 a.m. Monday, July 26. Police encourage you to call Crime Stoppers (936-639-TIPS) if you have any information to help them find the persons who deflated these little girls' summer fun.

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