San Augustine woman demands justice for her goats

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) - A San Augustine woman is demanding justice for her dead baby show goats.

Dawn Odom blames the death of her six baby goats on a natural gas pipeline company that began drilling on her property in mid-May. She said the gas company knocked down her old fence in order to start drilling, and replaced it with a flimsy one.

In a previous interview, Odom said the temporary fence led to a devastating discovery.

"Evidently they got into something out in the grass or the ditch," Odom said. "It may have been hydraulic fluid from one of the machines, but they were all dead by Monday."

Odom says the company requested the goats undergo a necropsy, essentially an animal autopsy. She said that won't happen because her vet told her it's too late, too much time has passed.

East Texas Gathering Spokesperson Bob Dunson said he asked Odom to make a list of the expenses she believes the company owes her. The company said Odom has yet to produce that list.

Odom said she's in the process of calculating what the gas company has cost her.

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