SFA accounting students help GODTEL

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - GODTEL co-founder, Nancy Gentry would stare at the unopened QuickBooks software. She bought it last year following the urging of her auditor. "It was sitting there because I just couldn't get over the hump and I had so much to do," recalled Gentry.

To her delight, Gentry got an e mail from accounting students at SFA that just happened to be looking for a service project. "Out of God's clear blue is how I termed it," chuckled Gentry.

The honor students found files and files of handwritten receipts, checks and ledgers. "I was kinda overwhelmed at first. There were donor lists and vendor lists in different places and those really need to be consolidated to make the system run smoother," described Vicki Tippit, an SFA accounting student.

"Having things in the computer will make it more compact and they don't have a lot of just papers laying around," advised Ashley Stilley, another accounting student.

GODTEL was converted to QuickBooks in about two weeks. Periodic tweaking and training Gentry takes a bit longer.

"Starting to make sense?," asks a student helping guide Gentry through the program. She answered with a not so sure, "Yes".

The Beta Alpha Psi members are patient. They know the field they're entering can be intimidating.

"Accounting is very complex," Miranda Etkind agreed. "We do 5 year programs. Our program is longer than anyone else's because it is such a complex subject."

The organization is committed to GODTEL. The project was inherited from students who have since graduated. The baton will be passed on .

"Because we learn best from doing." said Will Hawkins. The student agreed to come in on Sunday evenings to review the programs at GODTEL. "We can take what we learned and apply it to GODTEL."

And that allows Gentry more time to count the blessings the students brought to her organization.

Others are recognizing the service too. Earlier this summer SFA'S Beta Alpha Psi won first place in the best practices service learning competition, beating out five states in the regional contest. Next week the group travels to San Jose, California for national competitions.

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