San Augustine auto dealer: Truck sales up 260 percent

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

SAN AUGUSTINE, TX (KTRE) – When the Chrysler company crashed in the summer of 2009, John Fussell's family auto dealership felt the waves.

"Last year was very difficult," he said.

For decades, the Fussells location in San Augustine sold half Chrysler, half Ford vehicles. He said Ford truck sales have saved the family business of more than 65 years.

"Texas is more of a truck market and that's where the roots lie," said Fussell.

Looking back to this time last year, sales were way down for the Fussells, but things have turned around.

"I feel that sales are really good," said Fussell. "I know that our numbers, year to date compared to last year, we're up 260 percent in our vehicle sales."

That's 71 trucks so far, compared to 29 last year.

"I needed a new truck, things look good," said Steven Elliott, truck buyer.

Elliott owns a feed store. "I hall hay with it and feed and feed cows," he said.

Elliott said truck sales could be a road sign pointing to an economic recovery. Pick-up trucks are generally used for work.

"People wouldn't be purchasing them if they wasn't using them or if they weren't making the money to have them," said Elliott.

"Things have picked up a whole lot since this time last year," said Fussell. "I know that our business is up, seems like consumer confidence is up."

After a bumpy ride in 2009, Fussell said the road ahead should be a smooth drive.

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