7/28/10 Nacogdoches Police report

7/28/10 THEFT1500 BLOCK OF GLASS STREET Complainant reported that a known suspect took a wheelchair and replaced it with another.

7/28/10 BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 200 BLOCK OF BOWIE STREET Complainant reported a quality of prescription medication missing from an apartment.  Also missing was $40.00 cash and an MP3 Player.

7/28/10- FORGERY 700 BLOCK OF TOWNSEND Complainant reported that a known suspect had forged a signature on a check.

7/28/10 THEFT 3000 BLOCK OF CENTER HIGHWAY A store owner stated that an employee was seen on video taking money from the cash register.

7/28/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 100 BLOCK OF NORTH STREET Complainant reported a vehicle that was ordered returned to him in a court order was damaged by having the vent window broken and possible diesel in the gas tank.

7/28/10 FAILURE TO IDENTIFY-HINDERING APPREHENSION 100 BLOCK OF OAKHILL PLAZA A male suspect was stopped and gave officers a false name.  A female also gave a false identity for the male.  The female had outstanding warrants and bother were arrested.

7/28/10 CRIMINAL TRESPASS 300 BLOCK OF SWEETGUM While checking a house on extra patrol, an officer located a suspect in the house.  He was arrested.

7/28/10 THEFT- THEFT OF A FIREARM 2900 BLOCK OF COLONIAL DRIVE After returning from a trip, complainant reported a quantity of cash money and a .22 Mag revolver missing from inside his home.

7/28/10 BURGLARY OF A BUILDING 1400 BLOCK OF DURST Three window air conditioning units were stolen from a house.

7/28/10 POSSESSION OF CERTAIN CHEMICALS (FELONY 2) 1200 BLOCK OF SOUTH STREET Officers received a call from a local pharmacy about two suspects buying the maximum amount of Pseudoephedrine.  Other stores began calling on the same suspects.  Officers located the suspects at Brookshires on South Street.  Officers contacted the suspects and found they had been to five other locations in Nacogdoches.  Steven Nelson and Parramore Stewart were arrested.

7/28/10 BURGLARY OF A BUILDING 400 BLOCK OF EAST MAIN A store owner returned from lunch and found a known suspect exiting the back room with some tools.  The owner ran the suspect off.