Hurricane Questions?

Do you have a question about hurricanes or tropical storms and their potential impact on East Texas?

You can e-mail your questions to the East Texas Weather Team at  Then look for your answer posted here in the KTRE Hurricane Center.

Question:  What does the minimum central pressure tell us about a tropical storm or hurricane?

Answer: The mimimum central pressure is the lowest barometric pressure typically found near the center of a tropical cyclone (tropical storm or hurricane).  The pressure indicates the strength or intensity of the storm.  The lower the pressure the more intense the storm.  Maximum sustained winds in the storm can also be correlated with the minimum central pressure.  For this reason, we typically only show the maximum winds during our weathercasts.  The maximum sustained winds is what most viewers want to know.  If you are interested in the minimum pressure found in a storm, just click to KTRE's Hurricane Center where you can find the latest advisories issued by the National Hurricane Center.