Workforce summer youth program ends, only one gets full time job

Coutee and Kiel
Coutee and Kiel
Tommy Street
Tommy Street
Travosky Kiel is one of 90 to leave the summer program will a full time position
Travosky Kiel is one of 90 to leave the summer program will a full time position

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Hundreds applied, but only 90 were accepted to the Angelina County Work Force summer youth program.

After working hard all summer long, Thursday the program came to a close. Surprisingly though, only one is being offered a full-time position.

Travosky Kiel, 22, finishes his last day working for Allstate Insurance, as a part of the Work Force summer youth program.

But T.K. will be back tomorrow, this time as an official employee.

"If it wasn't for the program, I don't think that this opportunity would be here," said Kiel.

With each customer that Kiel helps, he remembers that he was the only one out of 90 that completed the program to be offered a full time position.

"It's not that a lot of them didn't do a good job, it was just maybe the situation every body's going through right now and they just didn't have a position permanent for them right now," said youth career specialist Betty Coutee.

A lot of it depends on the individual.

"Hard work does pay off. And when you think that the boss or the supervisor isn't watching or listening, they are," said Allstate Insurance agent Tommy street, Kiel's boss.

While T.K. may be the only program graduate with a fulltime job, Coutee reminds those who were not so fortunate to stay focused because eventually their experiences will pay off.

"Just like you landed this job with the summer youth where there were so many more that could have had that position, you was blessed with that position so continue to do good, continue to get out there and look for it because it's out there," said Coutee.

Kiel also has some helpful advice.

"Stay motivated, love your work. That's the big thing. If you love your work, you come to work every day."

Kiel's first day as a customer service representative is Friday. There's no doubt, he loves what he does.

"Wow, woooooh yes--I do, yes."

Hundreds applied for the summer youth program this year.

Teens at least 16-years-old will have the chance to apply again next spring.

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