Motorcycle marauders make off with man's prized possessions

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "Sick to your stomach, I mean, it's horrible to work so hard for something and then just someone takes it away."  Those are the words of Jordan Harrelson.  Harrelson thieves stole three of his motorcycles.  The bikes vanished all in one night. "Wheels were locked on all of them, covers were over them," Harrelson said he can't understand why someone would be so cruel.  He said he's doing all he can to get his property back.  He's been busy putting up flyers in hopes that someone can give him some answers.

Two of the motorcycles were taken from the parking lot, one was on the porch.  The one on the porch he had just gotten out of the repair shop.  "We were afraid if they come on the porch to take something, what's keeping them from coming in the house next time."

Thompson said when he came out of the house, there was wire stripping in the parking lot which makes him think the culprits hotwired the motorcycles and drove off with them.  Twenty-two thousand dollars, gone.

Harrelson hates to think that it could be someone he knows, but he said it was possible the thief had been to his house before. "I've checked with some of them, they said you know, they don't know, they'll keep an eye out supposedly, but at this point, I'm not sure who I can trust."

His neighbors said they heard a motorcycle at 3 a.m. 'fire-up,' however, Harrelson can't be sure it was his.

"We know who comes and goes and when you see something odd like three motorcycles moving at one time and they're not the same person that normally has them, question that," was the advice Lufkin Police Detective J.B. Smith had to offer.  Smith said if anyone has information that might help, call and if you don't want to give your name, call Crime Stoppers at 936-639-TIPS.

"You kind of lose security and a peace of mind and you have no idea who did it."  Harrelson is offering a $3,000 reward and hopes it will help return his peace of mind.

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