7/31/10 Lufkin Police report

7/30/10 BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 1200 BLK. MOSS A woman reported someone broke her rear door, entered her residence and stole 3 laptop computers.

7/30/10 DEBIT CARD ABUSE 100 BLK. N. TIMBERLAND A man reported his girlfriend was on a crack binge and stole his debit card.  The man stated his girlfriend had made numerous charges to the card.

7/30/10 BURGLARY OF A VEHICLE 800 BLK. KURTH DR. A woman stated she went into a store for a moment, and upon returning to her vehicle, she noticed her purse and contents were missing.

7/30/10 THEFT 1900 BLK. W. FRANK A store manager reported theft of cash from an office.

7/30/10 FORGERY A woman reported someone had passed an unauthorized check on her account at a best buy, according to the lady's bank.  It is unknown at which best buy the check was written.

7/30/10 BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 1800 BLK. SAYERS A woman reported that while being out of town, someone broke into her apartment.  The lady said a flat screen T.V. was missing, along with two desktop computers and a laptop computer.

7/30/10 BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 400 BLK. ARIZONA A man reported he believes his girlfriend broke into his residence and stole a guitar and blue ray player.

7/30/10 FORGERY 1800 BLK. SAYERS A woman reported someone broke into the apartment office and stole 3 money orders and a digital camera.  The lady said one of the money orders was cashed.

7/30/10 THEFT 400 BLK. RIDGECREST A person reported their tricycle was stolen out of their backyard.

7/30/10 THEFT 600 BLK. N. TIMBERLAND A manager at a store reported an ex-employee had stole cash money.  The ex-employee left a check to cover the amount of cash, but the check was not good.

7/30/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF DENVER ST. A woman reported someone had busted out a glass window on a back hoe.

7/30/10 ATTEMPTED BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 100 BLK. HOUSE A man reported hearing something striking his back door.  Upon further investigation, it was discovered that someone had broke a glass door but did not gain entry.

7/30/10 BURGLARY OF A BUILDING 1000 BLK. S. JOHN REDDITT Officers responded to an alarm.  Upon arrival, a glass door was found to be broken.  Upon further investigation, several rolls of coins were discovered to be missing.