Paramedics warn you should avoid tempting summer sun

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - There are heat advisories for counties all across East Texas.  The hot and humid weather is keeping emergency crews busy and hospital emergency rooms buzzing.

Paramedics in Lufkin said the spike in temperature caused a spike in calls for help.  Paramedic Josh Morris warns you not to be tempted by the beautiful summer sun, extreme temperatures are better handled from indoors.  "Avoid the main part of the sun in the middle of the day, drink a lot of fluids. Wear sunscreen so you don't get burned and try to take it easy."

Paramedics stress that heat combined with the humid conditions in East Texas can speed the process to heat exhaustion, which can lead to heat stroke.

Chief Meteorologist Brad Hlozek says make sure you put safety first know the warning signs and adjust your activities to fit weather conditions.

You can track the rise and fall of these summer temperatures and keep up with your weather forecast here at the Storm Tracker Weather Center and on KTRE's East Texas News.

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