8/1/10 Nacogdoches Police report

7/31/10 300 SW Stallings POCS/DWLI  Officer stopped Darron McGaha for speeding and found his DL to be suspended and no insurance on the vehicle.  Subject was arrested, during inventory officer located cocaine inside the vehicle.

7/31/10 2113 E Main # 1 Assault M-A FV and Theft from a person The comp advised that she went to this residence to obtain money from her child's father. Upon her arrival the suspect began to assault her. The comp advised that she attempted to call the police but the suspect took her cell phone, then forced her out of the house not returning her property. 

7/31/10 2301 North (Jack Backers) Theft, two suspect entered jack backers and stole a text book.  They went outside and removed the plastic cover and then sold the book back to store owner.  The owner reviewed video and observed the theft then contacted police. Officers were able to locate the suspect. Warrant request.

7/31/10 307 Burk St. (Criminal Mischief) Victim stated at about 0030 hrs he found the passenger window broken out of his Toyota truck.  His wife's Olds had been kicked in the passenger door.

7/31/10 500 E. Main St. (DWI) Officer observed a vehicle drive up and over a curb and then cross over into oncoming lane of traffic.  When stopped the driver Juan Manuel Meraz-Pacheco was in an intoxicated condition and arrested.

7/31/10 305 King St. (POM) Officers were called to a disturbance where one person was moving out of the home.  Officer was informed of marijuana inside the home and located a small baggie of it.  Jace Brower was arrested.

7/31/10 3000 Center HWY (DWI & PI) Officer drove up and observed Domingo Almaraz {DWI} inside his pickup arguing with his wife Adelfa Almaraz {PI} who was outside.  Officer found each intoxicated and arrested both.

7/31/10 2120 Pearl St. (Hit and Run) The victim's tan Chevy Suburban was hit by a white Alero which was parked at 2807 Pearl.  Owners would not answer the door.