8/1/10 Lufkin Police report

7/31/10 ASSAULT 2300 BLK. N. RAGUET A woman reported having an argument with her live in boyfriend.  The woman alleges that during the argument, the boyfriend grabbed her around her neck.  No injuries were observed.

7/31/10 ASSAULT 800 BLK. BLEDSOE A man reported his estranged wife came to an apartment and caused a disturbance.  During the disturbance, the man said the woman kicked him and grabbed him around his neck.  No injuries were observed and the man did not want to file criminal charges.

7/31/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1100 BLK. S. FIRST Officers responded to an alarm.  Upon arrival Officers observed the front door glass to be shattered by a brick.  It did not appear that anything was missing from the building.

7/31/10 CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1200  BLK. W. FRANK A group of males were observed in a parking lot acting suspicious.  Upon arrival, Officers found beer had been poured on a vehicle and another vehicle had what appeared to be pry marks near the door handle and lock area.

7/31/10 ASSAULT 100 BLK. PARKVIEW A woman reported her estranged husband came to her residence and assaulted her and her boyfriend.  No injuries were observed.

7/31/10 ASSAULT 3600 BLK. E. DENMAN A man reported being struck in the face by another man.  He then fell to the ground and several other men began kicking him.  The victim was treated and released at a local hospital.

7/31/10 HARASSMENT 100 BLK. M.L.K. A woman reported receiving harassing phone calls from another woman.

7/31/10 ASSAULT 600 BLK. SHADYWOOD A woman reported having an argument with her boyfriend.  During the argument the woman said he slapped her in the face.  Upon returning home, the woman said she locked herself in the house but her boyfriend got in and assaulted her again.  Officers observed several minor cuts and abrasions to the woman.

7/31/10 ASSAULT 600 BLK. N. SECOND A man reported being punched in the face.  While questioning involved parties, Officers were told the victim inappropriately touched a female, causing him to get  struck in the face.

7/31/10 THEFT 1600 BLK. TULANE A man reported his iPhone stolen out of his gym bag.

7/31/10 THEFT 100 BLK. TEMPLE DR. A woman stated she let a male friend/acquaintance stay the night at her apartment because he had been drinking the night before.  The woman said she got up and went to work and upon returning home, noticed a cell phone and laptop computer missing.

7/31/10 BURGLARY OF A HABITATION 600 BLK. CARROLL A man reported someone broke out a window to a vacant rent house.  It appears entry was made but the owner did not notice anything missing.