City of Nacogdoches cracking down on grass blowing

NACOGDOCHES, TX (Press release) - The city of Nacogdoches has been receiving numerous complaints about debris in the streets and alleys from yard workers.

Health Manager Tommy Wheeler is reminding all residents and yard workers not to blow or direct yard machine discharge, grass clippings, leaves or debris into any city street or city storm drain.

"This is dangerous, it is a traffic safety issue, and the debris contributes to the costly clogging of city storm water drain systems," said Wheeler.

Wheeler also ask to that you remember city ordinance 82.6 (1) (C) states that the act of placing, depositing, dumping or throwing, or permitting or causing to be placed,  deposited, thrown. or to remain. any garbage, refuse, dead animals, building wastes, or any other discarded materials on any gutter, street, sidewalk, parkway, driveway, curb, alley or any other public property is a violation.

Violations of this type can result in a citation that carries a Municipal Court fine that ranges from $200.00 - $2000.00 per incident.