Explosions Rock Tyler County

A pillar of black smoke filled the sky just East of Woodville Saturday afternoon after a natural gas storage facility burst into flames.  Fire officials say the fire errupted around 5pm while a tanker truck was filling it's load.  Officials say fumes leaked by a storage tank at the facility were ignited by a spark from the truck.

The fire spread to all 13 storage tanks at the site causing at least three of them to rupture.  At least two dozen fire crews from all across East Texas worked to contain the blaze but could not extinguish it because of a lack of water.  Workers from the Texas Forest Service were among those fighting the fire and were able to protect the surround forest from becoming part of the blaze.  A Woodville fire crew sat on a fire watch throughout Sunday waiting for the fire to burn itself out.

None of the facility workers nor the residents in the surrounding area were harmed in the blaze however, one person assisting in fighting the blaze was taken to a Jasper hospital with minor injuries.  Emergency workers evacuated any buildings within a one mile radius of the facility as a precaution.