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Healthcare Reform

Healthcare reform has become the most important political issue of the second half of 2009.  Americans have become concerned as to how the reform will impact their lives.  Everyone recognizes that something must be done to reform the system, but no one has been able to define what needs to be done.  Special interest groups, political parties, and the medical community, each have their opinions on the right approach, but there seems to be no consensus on the final reform needed.

We East Texans know something must be done.  With an aging population, we know healthcare will become an integral part of our lives.  Many East Texans and Americans have had their lives turned upside down as they have tried to care for love ones who did not have enough or any insurance.  Families have found themselves in dire financial straits, some to the point of bankruptcy as they try to work through these challenging situations.

What should East Texans do?  Get involved, contact your congressman, express your opinions.  Read the proposals, although the bill is lengthy.  Do not listen to political pundits exclusively, make up your own mind.  Do not allow misinformation to cloud your judgment, or form your opinion.  This bill is too important to allow others to make up your mind for you.

The Healthcare Reform bill is a once in a generation piece of legislation.  It will impact the lives of East Texans and Americans for decades to come.  Know that you have had some impact on it.

Those are our thoughts.  What are yours?

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