The Census

In 2010, prepare to be counted.  The U. S. Census Bureau will attempt to count everyone living in the United States.  The count will be the most important event of the year, even more important than the elections.

So why is the Census important to everyone, and specifically, we, the residents of The Piney Woods?

  • Well, the Federal Government uses the Census to allocate over 400 Billion dollars to the states, counties, and cities of this nation.
  • Texas uses the Census for the planning and allocating of funds for road and school construction, as well as for public transportation needs
  • Businesses use the Census to determine where to locate their factories, and other facilities that can lead to jobs.
  • Finally, Congress uses the Census to determine how many seats Texas will have in the House of Representatives.

Those are but a few of the uses and benefits of the Census, so what must East Texans do to make sure we are counted.

  • First, fill out the forms you receive in the mail.  These forms begin the process of being counted.  Privacy concerns should not keep you from filling out the forms.  Your privacy is secure.
  • Second, help the elderly in your communities get counted.
  • Third, minorities we must make sure we are counted.  Under representation of minorities hurt our cities, counties, and the state of Texas.
  • And finally, young people, encourage your parents to make sure your family is counted.

Fellow East Texans, the Census only happens ONCE every 10 years, so let's make sure we participate.  The East Texas Region and the state of Texas are counting on us.

Those are our thoughts.  What are yours?