The Political Process

The political season is upon us.  With the recent Republican gubernatorial debates and political advertising in the media, the candidates are now presenting their ideas and seeking your support.  They want your vote.  Make them work for it.

East Texans, it is now time to become engaged in the political process.  Start by making sure you are registered to vote.  Then listen to the candidates, understand the issues affecting your state and region, ask questions.  Encourage your friends to join in the discussions.  No one should complain if they are not willing to participate in the process.  No matter your political party, or whether you are liberal or conservative, make your opinion count by committing to vote.

The vote you make in the primary and in the general election will affect Texas for years to come.  Be sure to exercise your right to select your leaders.  Become engage.

Those are our thoughts.  What are yours?