Good Morning East Texas Headlines 08/10/2010

Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: It's election day in several states across the country. We'll have details on how the results of these party primaries could impact the rest of the nation this fall.

U.S. Marshals say an escaped prison inmate from Arizona is likely hiding out in the wilderness in Monday. We'll tell you what they're doing to find him…and who they think is giving him help.

An East Texan in Congress winds up near the bottom of the list of the wealthiest lawmakers. We'll hear from Congressman Louie Gohmert about his financial situation.

And…it's the spot that draws people from across the state and across the world to check out the view. We'll have details on the history…and the future of Love's Lookout in today's "Proud of East Texas".

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The heat continues! Heat advisories are in effect through at least tomorrow and will probably be extended through the end of the week. Highs today will be near 100 with hest index values above 105 degrees. I can't rule out an isolated thunderstorm, especially in our southern counties, so a few could see some relief this afternoon. We are watching the tropics closely and there are signs this heat wave could be coming to an end sooner than we thought yesterday. I'll have all those details on Good Morning East Texas.


From the Lone Star state to Capitol Hill, a list of the richest and poorest members of congress from Texas has been released.

Stricter security encircling John Tyler HS

A major effort to secure John Tyler High School is nearly finished.


KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) - More civilian deaths are reported today in Afghanistan, even as the U.N. releases a report finding that the number of civilians killed in the war there was up by 25 percent in the first six months of the year. Today, three civilians died when their car struck a roadside bomb. NATO also reports that a bomb planted by insurgents killed a civilian near Kandahar.

ZHOUQU, China (AP) - There's been a rescue in a remote Chinese town, where a man was pulled out alive after being trapped for more than 50 hours in an apartment building that was leveled by landslides. Crews across parts of Asia are struggling to reach survivors from flooding that has left hundreds of people dead.

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AP) - Saudi Arabia's telecommunications regulator says it will allow BlackBerry service to continue in the kingdom. Saudi Arabia had threatened to ban BlackBerry service on Friday, citing national security concerns. But officials say there have been "positive developments" in efforts to find a compromise with the maker of the device.

NEW YORK (AP) - A flight attendant for JetBlue is behind bars in New York -- where authorities say he deployed an emergency exit slide to leave the plane after it arrived at Kennedy Airport yesterday. Police say the man had gotten into a dispute with a passenger and used the plane's P-A system to curse at him before grabbing a beer and leaving by way of the exit slide. The flight attendant was arrested at his home.

GENEVA (AP) - The all-clear could be sounded today about the swine flu. The World Health Organization says it will probably decide today whether to declare the pandemic to be over. WHO last week confirmed 18,449 deaths from swine flu worldwide since the outbreak began in April 2009.

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - A 38-year-old woman has been jailed in San Antonio and charged with intoxication manslaughter for a two-vehicle crash that killed four people. Police say Valerie Andrews drove through a red light Sunday, sped down a side street and hit a minivan, killing four people inside it.

DALLAS (AP) - Witnesses say a Dallas police motorcycle officer who was injured while leading the president's motorcade apparently lost control of his motorcycle and flipped on a median. The crash happened yesterday in Dallas as President Barack Obama's motorcade headed to a fundraiser.

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Blizzard conditions in Alaska have complicated efforts to rescue a pilot and four visitors from Texas whose small plan apparently crashed. A four-man rescue squad skied across a glacier in whiteout conditions to bring food, water and blankets to the group. A helicopter will try to rescue them once the weather clears.

CLOVIS, N.M. (AP) - A jury has found a 23-year-old New Mexico man guilty of murder and other charges in the deaths of a Texas woman and another man. Anthony Casillas is accused of shooting Melissa Ward of Lubbock and the other man in 2008.