San Augustine Co. investigators left with little clues into woman's disappearance

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - SAN AUGUSTINE COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A helicopter search for a missing San Augustine woman leaves investigators even more puzzled.

"It's just so strange that nobody's saying anything, coming forth with anything even though I know they know something,' said Evelyn Johnson, the mother of Patty Johnson, who went missing Saturday. "Somebody's bound to know something."

A distraught Evelyn Johnson waits for answers as investigators search her daughter's abandoned car. No one has seen or spoken to Patty Johnson since Saturday morning.

"This morning we flew the area with DPS a mile to a mile and a half and was unable to locate anything," Sheriff David Smith said.

Empty-handed, Smith and a Texas Ranger spent the morning retracing Johnson's steps. Still, no clues.

"No trace whatsoever," Smith said.

Smith says Johnson's car was found unlocked and the hood popped. Even more puzzling, she left her cell phone and purse.

Authorities believe Johnson may have walked to the end of the road and someone picked her up. But her mother has her doubts.

"I don't think that Patty would get in the car with just anybody," Evelyn Johnson said. "It would probably be someone that she knew."

Johnson's mother said her daughter suffers from severe depression.

"I mean she has a lot of stuff going on with God and the devil and stuff," her mother said. "Good and evil. It's like an inner fight."

Although authorities don't suspect foul play at this point, Evelyn says as the days pass it's a growing concern.

"I think it's a possibility because nobody's able, I mean they haven't found anything in the woods," Evelyn Johnson said. "Nobody's seen any movement. Nobody's saying anything."

Johnson's family hopes posting her picture around town will get people talking. Her mother is afraid of what the silence could mean.

"That we won't see her again," Evelyn Johnson said.

Authorities believe Johnson's car may have over heated and she walked toward Highway 21 to seek help. If you have any information regarding Patty Johnson's disappearance, please call the San Augustine County Sheriff's Office at 936-275-2424.

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