Haiti: Six months later

This week marks six month since the tragic 7.3 earthquake in Haiti killed over 200,000 people and left many more people physically and emotionally devastated.

The horrible images of orphaned children covered in ash crying for their parents and long waiting lines for clean water and food motivated millions of Americans including thousands of East Texans to donate money, supplies, and their time to assist the people of Haiti.

Six months later, the need for assistance is still there. Although, Americans have raised over one billion dollar in aid, millions are still homeless or living in temporary tents that are overcrowded and riddled with crime.

In March, dozens of countries promised to donate almost $10 billion to finance the bulk of Haiti's reconstruction — including $2.5 billion expected by the end of this year. But through June 30, only about 10 percent of the promised money for 2010 had been received, according to data compiled by the United Nations.

Since the disaster in Haiti, the United States has been struck with disasters of its own in addition to hard economic times.

But on this 6 month anniversary of the Haitian quake let's not let "outta sight outta mind" govern our current actions to this event but let it renew our compassion and willingness to help.

Honor your pledges made and continue to donate to their recovery