Lufkin Police work to dispel red light camera rumors

Lufkin Police Detective J.B. Smith
Lufkin Police Detective J.B. Smith

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  Police say one email has created a flurry rumors in Lufkin.

Lufkin Police Department administrators sent an e-mail to officers to inform them about upgrades to the red light cameras.

Somehow, that email made it's way into the public, sparking rumors.

Police said the cameras have not changed in the way they capture a violation and that fees are set by the state.

The only difference in the cameras is that drivers can watch video of their violation online.

The system has always used speed detecting radar to see if the vehicle is rolling through the intersection after the light has changed.

The system does not change the light cycle. It's controlled by TxDOT.

The cameras have always been capable of capturing right on red violations.

"The cameras were not put in for that purpose," said Lufkin Police Det. J.B. Smith.  "It's always been able to capture right on red violations, now there will just be video for the violator to view."

For those questioning what exactly constitutes a stop, Smith said the state says it means to cease all forward movement.

If you have a question Smith said call police and don't believe rumors or what you read in e-mails.

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