8/13/10 Lufkin Police report

Criminal mischief - 3200 Block DANIEL MCCALL:  Complainant reported that a window was broken out on her vehicle Thursday night.  Nothing was noted missing from the vehicle and it did not appear that the car had been entered.

Theft - 900 Block S MEDFORD: Complainant reported the two men tried to purchase beer after hours Friday morning.  When the clerk refused to sell to them, the men walked out with a twelve-pack of beer without paying for it.

Fraud - 4200 Block S MEDFORD DR: Complainant reported that her wallet was lost or stolen Wednesday evening and she discovered that someone had made at least one unauthorized purchase on her credit card.  A friend of hers later found her wallet on Tulane Drive and some cash missing.

Burglary/habitation - 200 Block ENGLEWOOD: Complainant reported that her home was broken into Thursday and a metal container with some cash inside was stolen.

Burglary/habitation - 500 Block N FOURTH:  Complainant reported that his home was broken into Thursday evening and a Sony Playstation game set was stolen.

Criminal mischief - 100 Block LEMANS:  Complainant reported that his mailbox was damaged Thursday.

Animal/complaint - 100 Block CASTLEWOOD:   Complainant reported that her dog, a schnauzer, was apparently shot two times Thursday morning.  The dog has two wounds that appeared to be small caliber entry and exit wounds in the dog's chest and hip.  The wounds were not discovered until later in the day and the injuries did not appear to be life threatening.

Theft - 1000 Block IDYLWOOD DR: Complainant reported that military flag and flagpole were stolen from her home Thursday.

Assault - 800 Block ROYLE:  Complainant reported that she was assaulted on August 01 by her husband who hit her and beat her on the head with a laptop computer.

BURGLARY/HABITATION - 1800 Block SAYERS:  Complainant reported that she heard a noise at her sister's apartment next door to hers  around 5:30am Thursday and while checking, interrupted a burglary in progress.  She saw a short black male jump from her sister's apartment window and flee on foot.  The suspect left behind a backpack with some of her sister's jewelry and personal property inside and the suspect ran out of his shoes while fleeing.  The shoes were collected as evidence.

THEFT/FELONY - 900 Block W FRANK ST: Complainant reported that he was scammed out of $1500 Thursday afternoon.  The victim picked up a stranger who pulled out a large wad of cash and said he was from Africa.  The suspect then pulled a "pigeon drop" scam on him and left with the victim's money.

TATTOO/VIOLATIONS - 800 Block LAZY OAKS:  Complainant reported that her 16 year old grandson got a tattoo without permission.  The complainant learned the name of the suspect who applied the tattoo and wanted to file charges on him for giving a tattoo to a minor.

DISTURBANCE/DOMESTIC - 900 Block S THIRD:  Complainant reported that her boyfriend got mad at her and struck her in the face during an argument Thursday afternoon.  There were no visible injuries.

BURGLARY/HABITATION - 900 Block WESTBURY:  Complainant reported that her home was broken into Thursday morning and two lock boxes containing personal papers and a jewelry box containing several pieces of jewelry were stolen.

CRIMINAL TRESPASS - 1200 Block JANE ST:  Complainant reported that a stranger entered her yard without permission Thursday morning and she saw him trying to open the door to her pickup.  She was able to take a photo of the suspect with her cell phone camera.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE - 900 Block OQUINN:  Complainant reported that her vehicle was broken into Wednesday night and the stereo with a flip-up screen was stolen.

THEFT - 900 Block ROWE:  Complainant reported that a basketball goal was stolen from her home Thursday morning.  Complainant reported that she caught a known suspect trying to steal it before daylight and ran him off.  A couple of hours later she went outside and the goal was gone.