Main Street Program

For almost a year the Nacogdoches Main Street Program has been without a director. In addition it has had no firm governing body.

Last summer the majority of the program's board suddenly resigned following differences with city leaders.

Now the program is regrouping under a new management umbrella. The Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau will soon share its Main Street building with the Nacogdoches Main Street Program.

It's a partnership that makes sense to Convention Visitors Bureau Director Pam Fitch. "While the CVB's goal is to bring visitors in from outside, downtown is the number one tourist attraction in Nacogdoches."

The Nacogdoches City Commission will appoint an advisory board, but no longer have the tight control that contributed to the program's setback a year ago.

The Main Street Program recognizes the importance of having the support of city leadership. It also sees the benefits of some separation.

Advisory board member Linda Gilcrease said, "It puts us under the CVB where may be a little bit of the political end of it will be a little less, for us to be able do some things better."

The bottom line is to streamline for quicker results. Fitch said, "Working under the auspices of the Convention and Visitor's Bureau our hope was what that would do will give that advisory board more ability working with that manager to make things move very quickly without having to report to a lot of different structures."

The elimination of bureaucratic procedure may help the Main Street Program stay on the task of its original goals. Fitch said, "There's not going to be any added responsibility to that position. There will be an emphasis on economic development in the downtown district."

Fitch hopes to have a manager named in the coming weeks.