Nacogdoches pork farm reports rise in demand

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Jena Johnson - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) – As we pile on the extra bacon on our sandwiches, soups and even salads, farmers say they're the ones actually bringing in the bacon.

According to the US Department of Agriculture, pork has risen a $1 per pound since last year. Lets just say pigs are a hot commodity.

"People are beginning to buy more pork and restaurants are putting more pork on their menu," said Lindsey Crebbs.

SFA pork and beef Manager Lindsey Crebbs helps raise pigs that sometimes wind up on a pig farm. She says right now, pig farmers are in high demand.

"People want to buy more pigs then there are on the market," said Crebbs.

Since the pork industry has become more popular , Crebbs says the supply of pigs is a lot lower than the demand.

But last year was a much different story.

"Last year whenever we had the swine flu scare people were misinformed and they thought that they could actually get the swine flue from pork so pork prices dropped and pork industry suffered," said Crebbs.

Now, Crebbs says those farmers are really bringing home the bacon. A local farmer tells us the price of a pre-slaughtered pig is up 40 cents per pound compared to last year.

What may be good news for farmers could translate to sticker shock at your local meat market. For Crebbs, the uncertainty is worth the turn around for the pork industry.

"I can definitely see that happening just because of it becoming more popular in the restaurants and the supermarkets and hopefully the community will continue to support the pork industry and buy pork from their stores," said Crebbs.

And it appears consumers will follow that little piggy to the market as long as it doesn't break their bank.

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